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Bumpy Cover Kiss the Frog Large
Bumpy Cover Kiss the Frog Large
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Cloth Diaper FAQ Cloth Diaper FAQ
How many diapers would I need?

It depends on how much does your baby pee and how often you wash them. Basically, for newborn, It is said that they go potty 12 times a day on an average. If you wash them every other day, you would need at least 24 cloth diapers. How many covers? Diaper covers could be reused until your next landry or it gets soiled. Just hang them up for next use. You would need at least 6 diaper covers. When babies get older, they pee less. On an average, you would want to prepare 10 a day for 3 months old and 8 a day for 6 months old. We recommend to use Fuzzi Bunz for night time use. It will wick moisture away from your babies bottom and will not leak if you use 2 inserts.

Do I need to wash them before I use?

New diapers need to be washed before use. For cottom prefolds, they need to be washed at least 2 times in hot water before first time use. They contain natural oil which prevent diapers to absorb moisture. New diaper covers need to be washed as well in order to remove residue from manufacturing process. Do not use chroline bleech which hurt cotton fibers. Also avoid using fabric softner which will decrease absorption of the diapers. (Baby detergent contain fabric softner, so it is not recommended to use it for washing diapers.)

How to wash cloth diapers?

You can store the used diapers in a diaper pail which could be with or without water. If you use a pail with water, the water needs to be changed every 24 hours. Dump poopoo in the toilet. Watery poop of infant do not need to be removed. It could be washed off in the first wash cycle. First, wash the dirty diapers in cold water without detergent. After the first wash, we recomment to use Kozgro for diaper wash. Kozgro is very unique, truly safe washing system. It contains minerals from hot springs and use no sudes to clean the cloth. This is ideal to clean the diapers and baby cloth. This leaves nothing on the cloth and does not make fleece repel the pee. Just use it as is directed and hot water works well. You do not need anything else when you use Kozgro. No fabric softener, or or water softener. Since it takes everything off from the diapers, you do not even need tea tree oil.

How to use cloth diapers?


Fold prefold as following pictures.

1pre1 ➜2pre2 ➜3pre3 ➜4pre4

Fuzzi Bunz fbdetails

Put insert(S) in the Fuzzi Bunz from the pocket in the back.
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Micro Terry Insert Small
Micro Terry Insert Small
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