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About Kozgro About Kozgro
Kozgro Spa Series are very unique cleaning system patented in the U. S. It contains minerals from hot springs and does not use durfactant (bubbles) to clean.

As running an online cloth diaper store, finding laundry detergent is a very important issue. No one does not want to use harsh synthetic detergents to clean the precious baby's diapers. However, soap is not an option for that either, because soap residue build up on the cloth and make the fleece diaper repel, cottom diaper unabsorbent, and could even cause rash on the sensitive baby's bottom.

I looked everywhere but all the "natural detergents" did not seem to be "natural" enough to me. They are just made from "natural" materials but artificially altered to the synthetic detergent anyways. Selling diapers mainly to the customers in Japan, I did not know what to do. They do not like synthetic detergent at all, but they love diapers I sell. Then, I finally found this "Kozgro Laundry"! This is almost miracle that I found it. This is not a soap, and not synthetic detergent either. This does not contain surfactant to clean the cloth. This is perfect!!

Of course I was suspicious about how it works. No suds?? They found this cleaning effects from natural hot springs in Japan and applied to almost everything we need for our everyday life. After I tried products they make, I was just so excited because I found something I needed and nobody else in the U.S. knew about it. I immediately started selling these in Japan with my sisters help and anxious to introduce them in America. Now they are finally here. If you use cloth diapers, or you, your family has ecsema, Kozgro Spa Series are perfect solution for you.

Again, Kozgro is made from minerals found in hot springs. It does not use surfactants to clean. Minerals attach to dirt particles and are easily rinsed. These minerals cleans thoroughly but nourishes the skin at the same time. No harsh chemicals left behind.

Using natural and safe ingredients*, Kozgro is truly safe and non polluting. (It does not even have to be degraded.)

It might seem strange to see no bubbles in the washer. However, Kozgro is an effective detergent without using bubble producing surfactant. Surfactants stay on the clothes and skin. It does not matter how many times you rinse it.

Babies often chew their clothes. Kozgro is the perfect solution. Ingredients in Kozgro are actually digestable except for the essential oil. There is nothing safer than Kozgro laundry detergent.

*includes carboxy methyl cellurose which is artificially manufactured but these are usually used as a binder for the vitamin tablets and still perfectly safe.

Kozgro shampoo, kitchen, body, and pet contain 0.13% Alkyl Glycocide, a small amount of surfactant, in order to make dilution easier. However, it is a relatively safe surfactant and mostly rinsed away by Kozgro.

Hard water or soft water does not matter when using Kozgro laundry.

Seem expensive? It is safer for you and your family, saves water and fabric softner for the laundry, and it is less polluting for the environment.

No aminal testing (of course)!

Recycled bottles.

No need to be degraded.

No additives.

No polluting.

There is not enogh room to list everything about Kozgro here!!

Kozgro spa series are only available from Precious Bottom!

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Micro Terry Insert Small
Micro Terry Insert Small
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Kissaluvs Fitted diapers 2
Our family loves these diapers. They are absorbent, durable, ..
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