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Bumpy Soft Cover Jungle Newborn
Bumpy Soft Cover Jungle Newborn
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Why Cloth? Why Cloth?
A lot of people might think "Why use cloth diapers in 21century?" I was one of them. A letter from a diaper service changed my point of view. A lot of health issues are raised regarding use of disposable diapers, because it contains a lot of chemicals which may cause allergic reactions and more severe health problems on our babies.

What super absorbent chemical does?

It is not the only thing the "Super absorbent" chemical does to absorb pee in the disposable diapers. It takes natural moisture away from the babies' bottoms as well. Since disposable diaper babies are changed less because they do not "feel" wet, their delicate bottoms are exposed to many chemicals which might cause allergic reactions and also ammonia from urine, and bacterias grow inside of diapers. As a result, those babies tend to have more diaper rash than cloth diapers babies. (Ironically this research was done by a disposable diaper company.) Boys infertility might be related to usage of disposable diapers because of the high temperature caused by "leak protection" non-breathable outershell of the disposables. Another fact was reported that chemicals in disposable diapers cause symptoms of asthma to lab rats.

Chemicals in disposable diapers

Disposable diapers contain sodium polyacrylate, a chemical which is banned to be used tampons because of its link to Toxic Shock Syndrome. This is the main content of the "Super absorbent" disposable diapers. It can absorb 100 times of water of its weight. It can cause allergic reactions to the babies' genital area. It irritates the skin of the baby and it is known to cause high fever, vomit, haemorrhage, and bacterial infection. A child death has been reported from accidentally injesting just 5g of this chemical. In the lab experiment, lab rats had haemorrhage, cardiovascular dysfunction, and even death. It causes dysfunctioning of woman's reproduction organ, and slows the healing process. In the factory, the employees were reported to have some weight loss.
Dioxine is produced in the process of bleaching the disposable diapers. This is the strongest carcinogenic chemicals ever known. Even in small quantity, it cause birth defects, skin and liver disease, immune system supression and genetic damage in lab animals.
Tributyl tin is one of environmental polutant. causes immune system supression and disturbs normal functioning of hormones. It might cause infertility of boys.
Chlorineis used to bleach papers. It produces Dioxine in the process of bleaching.
Dye is used in some of disposable diapers. Some of them are known to cause dysfunctioning of central nervous system, liver and kidney.

Environmental effects

As I said on the top page, the amount of the disposable diapers, used by one child until he or she is potty trained, is 2 tons. More over, you are supposed to remove the feces from the disposable diapers before you through them into the garbage. As a result, many kinds of virus and bacteria can propagate in those land fills and spread a variety of diseases. After the rain, water from those diapers might go to your well water.

Using cloth diapers is very easy. The diapers we sell in this store are very absorbent and easy to take care of. Covers are well made so that they don't leak, but they are breathable. Now washing is done by machines, so you have nothing to lose by using cloth diapers!
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Our family loves these diapers. They are abosbant, durable, ..
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